The weather is definitely heating up here in NY. This week went totally off the rails and we didn’t really stick to our menu plan, but we were able to eat well regardless!

On Monday, we had some fresh ground turkey in the fridge that needed to be used up, so we decided to try to make a Gyoza filling flavored burger patty. It turned out surprisingly well although I think ground chicken or pork may work slightly better. We had it on toasted hamburger rolls with a side of Gyoza dipping sauce on the side (white vinegar and soy sauce mixed to taste).

On Tuesday, we had a dentist appointment that I had forgotten about while planning this week’s menu. Plus, our new Presto Belgian Waffle Maker arrived! I am so excited as neither of us has ever owned a waffle maker before. We tried a recipe that was very accurately called The Bestest Belgian Waffles. The full recipe yielded 6 large and fluffy 1-cup waffles and the waffles were perfectly cooked after 4 minutes on the waffle iron each. Delicious! We’ll never feel the need to get waffles at a restaurant again. Ha!

Wednesday’s Pork Fried Rice is a recipe that my husband used to make before we got married. It’s quick and easy with thinly sliced sauteed porkchops, onions and KC Masterpiece Teriyaki Marinade.

Thursday was the last day of work for the week! After a really long and really hot week at work, we were ready to do something easy for dinner and call it a night.

Monday: Turkey Gyoza Burgers & Pan Fried Spinach, Kale & Mozzarella Ravioli (Stuffed Foods Brand from BJ’s)

Tuesday: Belgian Waffles, 1 Gyoza turkey burger each and fruit!

Wednesday: Pork Fried Rice

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Chicken Adobo (from freezer)