Hello there and welcome to my blog!

Wife. Cook. Menu-Planner. Sometimes Meal-Prepper.

This is my little corner of the internet where I post our meal-plans and adventures in the kitchen.

Growing up in sunny Singapore, a country often described as a “food paradise”, I never had a reason to learn to cook. However, after having to move to Upstate New York with my husband, I was forced to start cooking for myself and DH.

Now that I am living in a non-culinary part of New York state, I’m finding myself recreating the food I sometimes crave from home. I usually improvise recipes from memories of my parents’/grand-mothers’ cooking or through phone conversations with my parents; and sometimes with help from the internet.

We are both passionate about living a good but frugal life. Eating out is a luxury that happens less 6 times a year when we can help it. We cook and eat at home and pack our lunches to take to work every single day. We have adopted meal-planning to help us stay on track with the food that we eat and to reduce food waste. Plus, not having to stress out about what to make for dinner each night after a long day at work is nice!

Come with us as I chronicle our journey in menu planning, meal-prepping and keeping our bellies happy!